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  1. How do I register for an account?

    At current stage, we do not support on-line / self-registration. To register for a bidder account, kindly visit any participating Store Yards or Auction Centres near you!

  2. How can I bid for an auction unit?

    To be able to bid for auction units, you will need to deposit earnest money to the hosting auction centres or us. We have 2 types of deposit, a) E-Biddi Deposit and b) Individual Auction Centre deposit.

  3. How can I reset my password?

    Kindly contact our team to reset password. You will receive a temporary password to reset you password.

  4. How much earnest money should I deposit?

    Kindly refer to each auction centre’s term of sale, as each auction centres requires different amount of deposit per auction sale.

  5. Any difference between “E-Biddi Deposit” and “Auction Centre Deposit”?

    “E-Biddi Deposit” serves as universal deposit, applicable for all hosted auction events. The refund will take place for maximum 7 workings days upon request.

    “Auction Centre Deposit” only applicable for each auction centres. For illustration, If you deposited 1500$ to auction house A, you can use that deposit for auction events hosted by A only. For more detail, kindly refer to our Refund Policy .

  6. If I failed to bid for interested auction unit, how can I refund my auction deposit?

    Depending on what kind of deposit, you can contact us or the auction centre to request a refund.

  7. Can I retract my bid after it is accepted by auction centre?

    Unfortunately, you cannot retract your bid after it is accepted by the auctioneer. It is very important for users to be cautious when placing a bid as it carries legal effect each time when you place an offer. When the auctioneer accepted the bid and no higher bids, a binding contract will be formed between you and the legal owner. Hence, bid with extra cautious.

  8. Where can I access my contract after a successful bid?

    You can view and download you E-Contract on your contract library section located in user dashboard 1 hour after the auction.

  9. What are the following steps after an auction?

    If you won any auction units, you can download and print your sales contract and proceed to settle the balance price to the legal owner. You can contact the legal owner by calling the contact number printed on the sales contract. Be careful, you might need to check and observe the time limitation, given by the legal owner for full settlement as each legal owner requirements differs.